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IMG_20190517_032127328129.jpgEngine barring tool made from old starter2 viewsThis is the nose of an old starter. I removed the electric motor and welded on a nut.nelstomlinsonNov 29, 2020
IMG_20190517_0643515.jpgEngine barring tool made from old starter1 viewsThis is the nose of an old starter, with the electric motor removed and a nut welded on so I can put a wrench on it to bar over the engine. My welding has gotten a bit better since I gobbed that nut on; I got an auto-darkening helmet.nelstomlinsonNov 29, 2020
Angling_frame.JPG450C angling frame 6405 dozer1 viewsRyan71407 rebuilding 6405 dozer blade tiltJim BNov 28, 2020
IMG_20190210_145438_hdr_0.jpgOld loader head1 viewsThe head from the old loader. The head gasket didn't seal when I bolted it back on, so I took it up to Port's Machine in Fairbanks. They found it was warped, so I had them mill it flat and do the valves. nelstomlinsonNov 28, 2020
IMG_20200907_122219_hdr.jpgCleaning up the yard for winter1 viewsThe old loader and the hoe on the new one, as I clean up the yard for winter of 2020-2021. Had to get rid of a huge dirt pile to make room to park the fleet. I put the dirt on piles of slash and branches, to form a berm for raspberries.nelstomlinsonNov 28, 2020
IMG_20180131_182738.jpgNo serial number on engine1 viewsThe old loader has no serial number on the engine.nelstomlinsonNov 28, 2020
IMG_20170419_170759.jpgOld loader serial number2 viewsSerial number plate on my first loader.nelstomlinsonNov 28, 2020
IMG_20190430_171401.jpgNew loader SN plate2 viewsThe serial number plate on the new, broken loader.nelstomlinsonNov 28, 2020
IMG_20190430_172054.jpgNew Backhoe SN1 viewsThe SN plate from the JD9300 hoe on the broken, new loader.nelstomlinsonNov 28, 2020
IMG_20190210_145422_hdr.jpgLoader waiting in shop2 viewsSitting in the shop, waiting for me to start the in-frame rebuild.nelstomlinsonNov 28, 2020
IMG_20190506_120836.jpgNew loader in yard3 viewsThe broken loader the day I bought it, right after we rolled it off the trailer.nelstomlinsonNov 28, 2020
IMG_20180324_170240_hdr~0.jpgLoader in shop2 viewsWaiting for worknelstomlinsonNov 28, 2020
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